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All our reports are programmable to your requirements and can be printed or emailed in Text, Word or PDF format.

Hours Law analysis

Data-string report will accompany the matrix report, this giving the detailed information of each hours law offence. Tabulated reports can be generated in many formats, usually one page per driver and can contain driver letters.

  • Compact standard reports quickly put your finger on problem areas.
  • Standard reports giving drivers advice on their offences.
  • In depth reports with duty break-downs.
  • Fleet management reports for Vehicle and Driver performance.
  • Vehicle mileage continuity and missing mileage reporting.
  • All reporting configurable to your requirements.

Drivers' Duty reports

These tabulated reports can contain hours law information and drivers' duty times together with vehicle data for each day worked.

Work Time (Road Transport Directive, RTD) processing

We have in place RTD reporting, giving you the records required for compliance.

  • Full or partial work time processing to your requirements.
  • Partial processing gives you all the drivers duties in work time periods, which enables customers to process their own RTD with accurate duty times.

Full RTD processing all drivers hours and final audit

  • Report at end of period. Provides ‘state of play’ analysis on a monthly period, enabling customers to adjust working practices to maintain RTD compliance.
  • Night Duty and Worktime/Rest compliance reports processed to your workforce agreement rules.
  • All data maintained on our in-house servers for two years, and data protection registered for your security.